Justin Kearney
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Justin Kearney
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Detroit, Michigan
Family & Friends
Frank Kearney - Father
Beverly Kearney - Mother
Danny Burton - Best Friend
Leslie Burton - Close Friend
Brett - Best Friend
Candace - Fiancé
Shelly - Close Friend
Burski - Close Friend
Lauren - Ex-Girlfriend
Nicki - Ex - Girlfriend
Sabrina - Friend
Erica - One Date

Justin Kearney is the owner of Black Eyes Bar. He is Danny's roommate and is currently dating Candace.


Justin is thought to be originally from Detroit.

Personality Edit

Justin is considered by his friends to be very neurotic and needs to be liked by everyone. He typically bad at relationships and flirting, and tends to be too romantic.

Relationships Edit

Danny Burton Edit

Danny is Justin's roommate and best friend. They clash often due to their very different personalities.

Brett Edit

Brett was Justin's college roommate and currently bartends at Black Eyes.

Candace Edit

Candace is Justin's girlfriend. She was hired as a waitress in the episode "A Japanese Businessman Walks into a Bar", and she moved in above the bar when her landlord wouldn't allow dogs. She developed a crush on him at the end of the second season, and eventually kissed him after he didn't pick up on her hints. They started dating at the beginning of the third season.

Nicki Edit

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