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Undateable Season 1
Number of Episodes 13
Air date Thursday's @ 9/8c
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The First Season premiered for the very first time on May 29, 2014, on NBC. The series is based on the book Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating Or Having Sex by Ellen Rakietenand Anne Coyle. The series was created by Adam Sztykiel who serves as executive producer and a writer of the series. Undateable is an American Comedy Series broadcast by NBC.

The series was renewed for a second season in the fall of 2014.


Danny Burton a single 30 year old must find himself a new roommate after his previous roommate moves out to get married. With the help of his sister Leslie a newly divorced alcoholic he finds a new roommate Justin Kearney an awkward fellow single and owner of Black Eyes Bar. After seeing how poorly Justin and his friends are at dating Danny decides to try and help his new friends get better at dating. With Danny's help Justin is able to ask out his bartender Nicki, Danny also is also able to help Justins friends Brett who recently came out as gay. Burski who is weird and comes off really creepy to most women and continuously tris to get a date with Leslie, and Shelly a happy go lucky single who is a little odd at times. Along the way Leslie joins the gang and finds the guys as fun and good friends, and even though he thinks he's good at dating he soon realizes he too isn't asgreat at dating as he thought.





Title Writer(s) Original
Air Date
US Viewers
1 1 "Pilot" Adam Sztykiel May 29, 2014 3.84
Danny's current roommate is getting married and moves out, forcing him to find a new one. He meets his new candidate, a bar owner named Justin, and they hit it off. Danny tries to teach Justin the fine art of picking up women, and suggests they and Justin's friends – Burski, Shelly, and Brett – go to a wine-tasting party that Danny's sister Leslie is hosting.
2 2 "Pants Buddies" Adam Sztykiel May 29, 2014 3.82
Pants Buddies ep
Knowing that Justin has a crush on Nicki, Danny grabs Justin's phone and texts Nicki a request for a movie date. Justin suggests that Danny doesn't understand friendship, revealing that he and Burski are "pants buddies". Meanwhile, Danny's sage advice to Burski is that he not speak at all when trying to pick up a woman.
3 3 "Three's A Crowd" Craig Doyle June 5, 2014 2.99
Three's A Crowd ep
After Danny convinces Justin that he's in the "friend zone" with Nicki, Justin becomes committed to revealing his true feelings. He learns from Nicki that she is interested in being "more than friends" with someone, but the someone turns out to be Danny. To prove he is a good friend, Danny tricks Justin into announcing how he feels about Nicki. Meanwhile, Leslie gets on Shelly's bad side after she verbally trashes Detroit.
4 4 "The Switch" Courtney Lilly June 5, 2014 2.86
The Switch ep
After sleeping with Sabrina, Leslie's college friend who is back in town, Danny feels like he's actually made a connection with a woman. But Sabrina pulls a "Danny" on him, and evades his attempts to make a second date. In another twist, Justin, now in a committed relationship with Nicki, feels compelled to give Danny relationship advice. Elsewhere, Brett feels that his coming out has made Justin uptight about their friendship.
5 5 "The Hero is Me"  !Adam Sztykiel June 12, 14 3.22
The Hero is Me ep
Justin proclaims to Danny that he's in love with Nicki, unaware that Nicki has walked up behind him. Justin then proclaims his love to Nicki's face, but she simply responds, "Cool." Danny advises Justin to remain aloof and Nicki will come around, but that backfires. Meanwhile, the gang begins to notice that Burski is "accidentally" touching Leslie's body a lot lately.
6 6 "Leader of the Pack" John Quaintance June 12, 2014 2.97
Leader of the Pack ep
Danny encourages Brett to ask out a hot, gay electrician. When he says he isn't interested, Brett takes it hard. Making matters worse, Brett discovers that Justin took some pleasure in the rejection. Meanwhile, Leslie and Sabrina coach Justin on how to have better phone sex with the out-of-town Nicki.
7 7 "The Move" Adam Sztykiel June 19, 2014 2.54
The Move ep
Nicki is back in town, so she and Justin immediately hit the bedroom. Justin expresses insecurity over being good enough for Nicki, so he reluctantly uses a sexual "move" that Danny offered to diagram for him. Nicki is thrilled, but Justin becomes infuriated upon learning that Danny took credit for the move. Elsewhere, Shelly resolves to make Burski cry, after the latter proclaims he hasn't cried since he was five years old.
8 8 "The Julius Effect" Jackie Clarke June 19, 2014 2.54
The Julius Effect ep
Leslie is distraught over her ex-husband Julius being in town to finally sign their divorce papers. Danny hides the fact that he's still hanging with Julius as a friend, which Justin opposes until Julius wins him over with his singing ability. Danny and Justin come around and decide to apologize to Leslie, only to see Julius emerge from her bedroom. Meanwhile, Shelly demonstrates a remarkable ability to control his friends' dreams.
9 9 "Low Hanging Fruit" Austen Faggen June 26, 2014 2.63
Low Hanging Fruit ep
Justin pushes Danny to take his relationship with Sabrina to a new level, causing Danny to react in a destructive yet predictable way. Later Justin announces he hired Sabrina to take Nicki's position at the bar. Meanwhile, Brett needs help figuring out a good name for his man parts.
10 10 "Daddy issues" John Quaintance June 26, 2014 2.45
Daddy Issues ep
Justin's dad is in town, and Danny gets involved in their complicated relationship. Not knowing the past friction between the two, Danny's efforts only make things worse. Elsewhere, Shelly lets Sabrina know that her job is too easy to be complaining about it so much. Sabrina makes a bet that he can't handle two days at her job, which leads to hilarious consequences for Shelly.
11 11 "Let There Be Light" Micheal Hobert July 3, 2014 2.24
Let There Be Light ep
Danny and Justin deal with their obnoxious neighbor Kevin, who shines his huge pot-growing light at all hours. Their friendship is tested when each has a different approach to solving the problem. At the bar, the gang all tries to avoid getting on Sabrina's bad side by making fun of Danny in her presence.
12 12 "Danny's Boys" Heather Flanders July 3, 2014 2.07
Danny's Boys ep
After Justin reveals that the bar is barely breaking even, the gang all pitches in to pay off his remaining loan amount. But Danny takes his new status as an investor a bit too seriously and starts to make changes. Justin gets angry, but is then surprised that Danny has been able to fill the bar with patrons, albeit almost all gay men.
13 13 "Go For Gary" Laura Moran &
Joel Church-Cooper
July 3, 2014 1.99
Go For Gary ep
Danny's jaw drops when a cute young woman walks up to him at the bar and asks about Justin's availability. Justin is thrilled that Nicki is returning home to Detroit, but his elation is short-lived when she later tells him she will be staying with her her mother. She suggests they take a break, leaving Justin heartbroken. Meanwhile, the friends all look up their scores on an internet date-rating site, and are shocked to find that someone gave Burski a 9.9 score.